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Its detailed principles respect livelihood needs and development objectives while at the same time recognizing the full value of. 2 actually – wow – a draft ceasefire agreement was signed several hours before this paper’ s submission. page: fullscreen print. the union government: ( a) shall form the national land use council and determine its functions and duties for the implementation of the national land use policy; ( b) in forming the national land use council, it shall contain a vice president as the chairman, the relevant union ministers, the region. government of myanmar committed in to the development of a national land use policy in order to strengthen land tenure security of vulnerable communities and improve the land governance frameworks in the country. the new national environmental policy provides long- term, strategic guidance for achieving a sustainable future for myanmar.

there is a recognized need in myanmar for a written comprehensive land use policy. promotion of indigenous and nature together. in 1989 the country’ s official english name, which it had held since 1885, was changed from the union of burma to the union of myanmar; in the burmese language the country has been known as myanma ( or, more precisely, mranma prañ) since the 13th century. 5 over 70 different laws govern land. the myanmar constitution ( ) provides for private property rights, while maintaining that the state is the “ ultimate owner of all lands and all natural resources” and shall “ supervise extraction and utilization of state- owned natural resources by economic forces”.

civil society organizations strongly oppose implementation of the recently- amended vacant, fallow and virgin land management law ( vfv land law), due to well- founded fears [. the national land law will be based on the national land use policy ( nlup) that was adopted by the former government in january. overall, for myanmar’ s land policy to succeed, it must seek to: ( i) ensure benefits to the landless and near- landless working peoples; ( ii) remedy historical injustices;. pdf | the process of nlup has been extended to end of march in myanmar. this national land use policy aims to implement, manage and carry out land use and tenure rights in the country systematically and successfully, including both urban and rural areas, in accordance with the objectives of the policy and shall be the guide for the development and enactment of a national land.

in january the government adopted a national land use policy, which included the recognition of customary land management practices. nludmp: national land use and development master plan nlupg: national land use planning guidelines ngo’ s: non- governmental organizations osc: once stop centre rab: rwanda agriculture board rnra: rwanda natural resources authority rlmua: rwanda land management and use authority rcaa: rwanda civil aviation authority.

hence, we can glean from these facts the vice president illustrated that land use policies are crucial for myanmar and the rest of the world. national land use policy of myanmar: our response and recommendations " the land use policy will have significant impacts on all land use types in the whole country including small- scale to large- scale land users. the myanmar government recently released a draft national land use policy for public consultation and comment. guiding principles for the national land utilization policy 17 5. national- land- use- policy- english. national land use policy( myanmar) download pdf: thumbnails document outline search document. national land use policy [ myanmar] - 6th draft ( english) reports & research. identification of land utilisation zones ( luzs) 19 8.

24/ - land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation law ( english and burmese). democratic- and- inclusive- land- policymaking- myanmar). this is a very important step for myanmar, given the fundamental importance of land policy for any society – particularly those with recent and complex histories of political. myanmar lawsuntil now) state law and order restoration council lawsstate peace and development council lawsunion solidarity and development party lawsmyanmar laws ; myanmar laws ; myanmar laws ; myanmar laws ; myanmar laws ; national league for democracymyanmar laws. the paralegals conduct national land use policy myanmar pdf community legal education, assist farmers with application forms or complaint letters, accompany clients to government offices, and conduct follow- up as needed. myanmar, also called burma, country, located in the western portion of mainland southeast asia. it is important to balance land use for country' s economic development and promote social justice with equitable tenure. namati is delighted and honored to have an opportunity to comment on myanmar’ s national land use policy ( draft). the land allotment and utilisation scrutiny committee, a cabinet- level committee, was established in july with a remit to focus on national land- use policy, land use planning, and allocation of land. myanmar national land use policy. 8 evidence is not sufficient to secure land rights in myanmar; impartial and transparent procedures are critical, namati, january, see page 7- 8 for an illustrative case.

seven states and divisions to help farmers secure land tenure under myanmar law. with paralegal assistance, hundreds of myanmar farmers received land use. no ministries no departments website ; 1: president office : www. the policy provides principles on how to implement, manage, and carry out land use and tenure rights in the country.

it is in response to this call that this land use policy has been developed, incorporating all activities that are likely to have an impact on the use of land national land use policy myanmar pdf and its resources. current land use planning/ utilisation trends 13 4. the draft national land use policy ( nlup) that was unveiled for public comment in october intends to create a clear national framework for managing land in myanmar. reform of land policy and law in myanmar remains incomplete. national land use policy is normally laid down with various objectives including land ownership and tenure security, equitable allocation, productivity for investment, sustainable environmental conservation, and enjoyment of natural beauty.

), status of the land ( e. we take this opportunity to briefly remind and reiterate our overall perspective on the nlup. overall approach 18 7. core issues to be addressed 6 3. given the rapid motorization that is occurring in myanmar and the resulting increase in fatalities and injuries, there is an immediate and. the draft policy sets out a critical framework to strengthen the land tenure security of all people and communities in myanmar and to guide the adoption of a national land law and further harmonization. encouraging a shift to its use from less safe modes; and • better integrating road safety considerations into land- use planning decisions and investment decisions on road infrastructure. 「 subject to inform that the foreign investors are carrying out restricted investment activities according to myanmar investment rules」 「 national land use policy」. land administration. pdf [ 237 download( s) ] ပြ ည် ထေ ာ င် စု သမ္ မတ မြ န. additionally, article 390( b) states that ' every citizen has the duty to assist the union in carrying out the following matters' : preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage environmental conservation striving for development of human resources.

“ government land” ), land type ( e. land policy and administration. this paper provides an overview of the process utilized by the government to develop the national land use policy, with emphasis. the draft national land use policy can be found online in both english and myanmar languages on the.

while this is a welcome fi rst step in the necessary integration of burma’ s customary land management systems with the national- level system, there is an urgent need for constitutional reform and devolution. in the implementation of land use policy, it is required to have systematic. introduction land is the most basic resource in terms of the space it provides, the environmental resources it contains and supports, and the capital it represents and generates. national land use policy ( draft) – myanmar version. myanmar was ranked among the poorest ( 161 out of 180 countries) by the international monetary. ( national land use policy) in myanmar. mm : ၂: ပြ ည် ထေ ာ င် စု အစိ ု း ရအဖ.

this policy is envisioned to be a framework to guide the development of a national land use law during and the harmonization of the many existing land- related laws in myanmar. land use policy " has been developed. available from the township land record department issued for both farmland and non- farmland form 105: shows the name of the “ owner, grant holder, lessee”, land identification ( plot no. per capita gross domestic product ( gdp) — at about $ 715— is one of the lowest in southeast asia. according to the myanmar constitutionarticle 45: ' the union shall protect and conserve natural environment'. ( b) when drafting the national land national land use policy myanmar pdf law, the public participation and consultation process contained in this land use policy shall be used. president- office. security in arawaddy, magway, and southern shan ( fswg, forthcoming) and the national land use policy ( tni, ), though these reports are limited in scope.

hence, we can glean from these facts the vice president illustrated that land use policies are crucial for myanmar and the rest of the world. the government of myanmar’ s approach to land policy risks increasing land conflicts and exacerbating current challenges in formal peace negotiations. on the occasion of the world environment day, the government of myanmar launched two new policies that will guide myanmar’ s environmental management and climate change strategy. it requires the mainstreaming of environmental protection into planning and decision- making at all levels of government and in all sectors. 2 myanmar: agriculture, natural resources, and environment initial sector asr is little reliable data on myanmar’ s demographics and land use pressures.

7 in plough protests, farmers occupy and use land that has been taken from them. home > law library > laws and regulations > laws > myanmar lawsuntil now) > national league for democracy> myanmar laws pyidaungsu hluttaw law no. ( a) a new national land law shall be drafted and enacted, using this national land use policy as a guide for the harmonization of all existing laws relating to land in the country. “ garden land” ), land map. the uganda national land policy, _ _ _ _ _ 1 chapter 1: background to the national land policy national land use policy myanmar pdf i. national environmental policy of myanmar and myanmar climate change policy. objectives of the national land utilisation policy 17 6. forming the national land use council 15. thumbnails document outline search document. 3 of on national land policy all call for a clear framework for effectively addressing the challenges related to land use. if we comb through the country’ s history we shall find that there has never been a national land use policy in myanmar until.

be really fixed up at one point based on the just and fair distribution. 24: update information ( laws1342, regulations 120). draft national land utilisation policy contents 1.

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